If you are a brand looking to launch a new product or service you will undoubtedly require social media influencers to promote your campaign. 360 Edge work with a network of established influencers across a range of industries, ensuring the most relevant influencers represent your brand. We manage the influencer process ensuring a seamless journey from campaign concept to social scheduling. We will then measure the success of each campaign using social media metrics to prove a positive return on investment.


Here are a few reasons why working with influencers is a must for your brand:

  • Influencers receiver higher engagement levels than content generated by brands.

  • Influencers come with built-in audiences who trust influencer's opinions and credibility.

  • Influencers are highly engaged with their followers and help brands drive more conversations and engagement on a daily basis than the average consumer.

  • Influencers are able to drive followers to make desired actions.